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Sometimes you need advice, Ask a teacher to solve your problems.

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Make a Difference with education, and be the best.

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Antique Mirror

Glass Laminated nyc

Antique mirrors nyc with exotic colors and patterns comes in finishes from traditional distress antique to burst of colorful 3d effects. Use it for: walls, framed mirror inserts, furniture, bathrooms, back splashes, or anything you can imagine.Handmade antiqued mirrors have a natural and artistic finish,making each piece unique. Antiqued mirrors new York, also known as distressed mirror.

One way mirror

Giovani Glass
A one-way mirror or, one-way glass, or two-way glass is a mirror that is partially reflective and partially transparent. When one side of the mirror is brightly lit and the other is dark, it allows viewing from the darkened side but not vice versa

Mirrored furniture

Giovani Glass
Mirror furniture from is our specialty. Good quality and unbelievable price makes us the best choice for your mirror furniture.

The substrate glass is glass that has a lower mineral during the float-glass production process. The result is that when silvered, it has less of the blue-green tint that can make your mirror have slightly greenish reflections. Skin tones are brighter, colors are truer, and the reflection appears more crisp and detailed.

Uv Bonding

Giovani Glass

UV Bonding glass is a very specialized process that needs to be completed in a “clean room” environment by specialists who have been trained in the bonding of glass. 

we have been a prominent leader in providing UV bonded cases for retail environments, airports, office applications and more.
The process of UV Bonding uses specialist adhesive cured by ultra violet (UV) light. This is a relatively new process that gives the opportunity to create a stunning look to many applications.

Glass Tempering

Giovani Glass
Tempered glass is made from normal annealed glass via a thermal tempering process in which the glass is subjected to heat till its softening point and then rapidly cooled.
glass tempering
This gives the glass its strength. A fully tempered glass is 4 to 5 times stronger then an annealed glass of similar thickness.

A fully tempered glass is regarded as a safety glass and when it breaks it disintegrates into small blunt pieces which greatly reduces the chances of injuries and if there are any then they are superficial in nature.

Over 90% of the glass we supply is safety-tempered glass. We have perfected the process of tempering glass to meet stringent safety requirements and quality standards, while still achieving superior turn-around times for each customer.

tempered glass

Juan Carlos
Tempered glass is often used in applications where using standard glass could pose a potential danger.

Tempered glass from new york is stronger than standard glass and does not shatter into large shards when broken, this is important because it can greatly minimize potential danger in the case of a break.

shower door installation

Glass Laminated nyc
Let us Install your Next frameless shower door. We are trained to install any types of shower doors.
call us today for a free estimate.

Antique Mirror

Glass Laminated nyc
Antique mirrors nyc with exotic colors and patterns comes in finishes from traditional distress antique to burst of colorful 3d effects. Use it for: walls, framed mirror inserts, furniture, bathrooms, back splashes, or anything you can imagine.

frameless glass walls

Glass Laminated nyc

Define open space without sacrificing openness.

Frameless glass walls have long been a popular design element for commercial spaces such as offices, restaurants, hotels and spas. 

Over the years, designers and architects relied on this space-saver for smaller urban dwellings, where the transparency of glass can both preserve and define space. 

Now, many modern homes contain some form of frameless glass walls, such as glass wall panels for sunrooms, glass wall dividers, glass wall showers, glass knee-walls and glass wall closet partitions.

Which type of frameless glass suits your style? Our style options for frameless glass walls include richly colored glass for privacy and light reflection as well as classic, ultra-clear and patterned glass panels.

tempered glass tops

Glass Laminated nyc
Tempered Glass table tops

Tempered glass table tops is stronger and more durable than ordinary glass. It is manufactured through thermal tempering process, under which the glass is first treated with heat until it softens and then rapidly cooled,

When a tempered glass is subjected to force, it disintegrates into tiny blunt pieces, which significantly reduce chances of serious injury. Commonly used for decorating modern glass facade, tempered glass is usually recommended for skylights, shower doors, computer screens, glass entrances, fireplace enclosures, and areas where there is greater risk of thermal breakage. With high edge strength, tempered glass is a preferred choice in fixed point glazing and spider glazing.

Glass table tops

Glass Laminated nyc
We can produce Round Glass Table Tops, Square Glass Table Tops, Octagon, Rectangular glass tops, Boat shaped, Oval, and Race track Glass Table Tops. Our Glass Table Tops are available with Bevel edge, flat polished edge, Ogee edge, pencil polish edge, and wave edge glass.

Why Glass Table Tops?


• Protect your furniture from nicks, scratches, and other possible damage.
• Refresh older pieces with a less permanent option, as compared to stains or paint.
• Glass is beautiful; a glass top is an excellent way to add shine to an otherwise dull item.
• Elevate the impact of wood tables or dressers while protecting these investments from scratches, glass rings, sun damage and scuffs.
• Order a tabletop to complete a table, nightstand or even a plant stand.
• Renew old glass table inserts with a glass table replacement; outdoor tables are especially vulnerable to damage and weathering.

Glass Blocks

Glass Laminated nyc
Popular Glass Block and Architectural Terms

When designing a new home, home owners will meet and discuss ideas with an architect and contractor. This is an opportunity to create the architectural design of the home. In addition to determining the size and layout, home owners have a chance to discuss the specific design of each room, including what types of windows and doors they want installed. From mirrors to glass sliding doors, home owners will have to make a decision on every detail. For example, an option may be to install fog resistant mirrors in a bathroom or put in special tiles to protect against splashing.

  • Frosted Glass - Frosted glass is translucent and scatters light during transmission. This is a way to admit light and obtain privacy. Frosted glass may be used in a glass sliding door.
  • Stain Glass Window - Stain glass windows are colored glass that are commonly used in religious settings. Artists may create architectural designs in these types of windows.
  • Tempered Glass - Tempered glass is glass that has gone through a chemical process in order to make it stronger and more durable.
  • Plexiglas - Plexiglas is often used as an alternative to traditional glass, because it is lighter and shatter-resistant.
  • Bay Window - A bay window is an arrangement of at least three window units that is projected from a building at different angles.
  • Backsplash Tile - Backsplash tile is installed in bathrooms and kitchens to protect a wall from water that is splashed from a faucet.
  • Double Glazing - Double glazing is the process of installing two sheets of glass that are separated by air space. This design protects against heat transfer and insulates sound.
  • Glass Block - Glass blocks are assembled together as another way to emit light, but enhance privacy in a room or area.

  • What Glaziers does?

    Glass Laminated nyc
    Frequently Asked Questions About Glaziers 
    Glaziers select, cut and install not only residential and commercial glass but also artistic glass. They may also install and replace glass for storefronts and entrance ways, plus handrails, balustrades and shower enclosures. Following are some frequently asked questions about glaziers:
    What Training do Glaziers Need to Have?
    Glaziers are construction professionals who should have specific experience as glaziers occurring over several years. This usually involves four years of apprentice training on the job, along with some type of trade schooling. After being an apprentice, a glazier becomes a journeyman glazier and has the credentials to work on all industrial and commercial glazing jobs.

    Why are Glazier Services So Popular?
    With more and more commercial buildings using glass exteriors, the need for experienced glaziers has jumped in recent years and is expected to keep increasing. Their knowledge and expertise is sought after in this business because of the attention to detail and finesse it takes to not only install glass in windows, skylights and display cases but to seal the glass for optimum energy savings.

    What Do Glaziers do on a Typical Day?
    As a rule, glaziers inspect blueprints for size, color, type and thickness of the glass for a particular project, then they remove any old or broken glass. Before installing replacement glass, they cut the glass to specifications, then install sashes or moldings for installation. Glaziers also take care to fasten the glass into sashes or frames using a variety of supplies, such as clips and moldings. It’s also crucial that they add weather seals and putty around the edges of the window panes to seal the joints.

    Glass Repair Terms

    Glass Laminated nyc
    Popular Glass Repair Terms
    When you need a professional to fix a broken bathroom mirror, a cracked shower door, a storefront window reduced to shards or a shattered car windshield, you’ll need to seek out glass repair companies for quotes and estimates. Consult these terms for a better understanding of how the glass repair industry works.

  • Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards – This non-profit organization is an accredited standards development organization that holds auto glass replacement companies accountable for product performance standards.
  • Drive-Away Time – When you have a shattered windshield and need an emergency installation, the drive-away time is the amount of time, generally around an hour or two, that it will take for the glue to dry so that you can get on with your day.
  • ISO Certification – The International Organization for Standardization publishes standards for products such as glass windows and mirrors.
  • NFRC – A non-profit organization called the National Fenestration Rating Council provides energy performance grades for home and commercial windows and doors.
  • VIN Etch – When getting your vehicle windshield replaced, ask to have the auto identification number etched into the glass. Car thieves avoid stealing these vehicles because the glass has to be completely removed before the car can be resold or scrapped.
  • Windshield Repair – You don’t have to wait until your car’s windshield warrants replacement due to cracks that make it hazardous to drive. Comprehensive automobile insurance covers repairs to chips, bulls-eyes, hairline cracks, stars and nicks before they become noticeably visible, and this repair takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

  • FAQs Products and Services

    Glass Laminated nyc
    FAQs about Glass Products and Services
    Use the following questions for help when buying and installing glass:

    Does window glass affect heating and cooling costs?
    Yes. You can test this yourself on particularly cold days by holding your hands close to the glass panel. If they feel cold, then your windows are letting frosty air come in, making your heating costs higher. Ideally, you want to thick glass panels on your windows. Many older homes, and some homes with inferior windows use exceedingly thin glass panels. Ask your window installation specialist about what size glass you need for your climate area.

    Can broken glass be repaired?
    Yes, glass can be repaired. If you've ever cracked your windshield, then you've used an auto glass repairman, who probably bonded the glass back together. For pieces of artistic glass, like antique lamps or dinnerware, there are glass restoration specialists who can restore them to their former glory. They can re-temper the glass and meld the pieces back together so that it looks as good as new. While this is great news if your toddler just knocked over your great-grandmother's stained glass lamp, you should know that restoring artistic glass doesn't come cheap.

    Can I install glass panels by myself?
    It depends on your expertise. If you've just bought a frosted glass panel that you want to put on your shower door, but you've never installed glass before, then you need to be careful. Glass is incredibly fragile, and it can break very easily. It is highly recommended that large glass pieces be installed by a professional. Yes, it is more expensive that doing it yourself, but at least you be sure that the glass is installed properly.

    Beveled Glass

    Glass Laminated nyc
    Beveled, Carved and Ornamental Glass Terminology
    When you're considering adding ornamental glass to your home decor, there are many options available for you. Glass artists can take plain glass and create unique designs with carving or etching. Glass art can be used in a variety of applications, such as ornaments, mirrors and furniture. Here are some terms to remember when buying glass objects.

  • Beveled Glass - Thick glass that is cut at an angle around the edges. It can be made from plain or textured glass in any color. An ornament with a bevel cut creates a prism, or rainbow effect, when sunlight shines through it. A variety of items can be composed of beveled glass, from table tops to cabinet doors.

  • Stained Glass - A design composed of various pieces of cut glass dyed with metallic salts. Stained glass windows are often found in churches and come to life when sunlight shines through them.

  • Etched Glass - A method of decorating glass, using acidic or abrasive substances. Etching makes it possible to personalize glass objects, such as ornaments or boxes, with special messages or names.
  • Carved Glass - Glass that is cut instead of blown. Glass carvers may form simple designs, or complex personalized sculptures. They use diamond saws or abrasive wheels to form the glass into desired shapes.
  • Bevel Cluster - A collection of beveled glass pieces arranged to form a design. Bevel clusters form hearts, diamonds and various other shapes. Mirrors may be incorporated in the designs.
  • Tempered Glass - Also called safety glass, this glass is made to break into small pebbles. It is used when standard glass could pose a danger, but is not as strong as regular glass.

  • custom laminated glass

    Glass Laminated nyc
    Custom laminated glass is available in variety of patterns and colors.

    Customized looks can be created with inlays. Color laminated glass is an almost inexhaustible range of colored laminated glasses, comprising at least two sheets of glass bonded together with a colored plastic inter layer.

    Using any combination of the basic color films, virtually any color either translucent or transparent can be created.

    Glass and Mirror

    Glass Laminated nyc

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