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FAQs about Glass Products and Services
Use the following questions for help when buying and installing glass:

Does window glass affect heating and cooling costs?
Yes. You can test this yourself on particularly cold days by holding your hands close to the glass panel. If they feel cold, then your windows are letting frosty air come in, making your heating costs higher. Ideally, you want to thick glass panels on your windows. Many older homes, and some homes with inferior windows use exceedingly thin glass panels. Ask your window installation specialist about what size glass you need for your climate area.

Can broken glass be repaired?
Yes, glass can be repaired. If you've ever cracked your windshield, then you've used an auto glass repairman, who probably bonded the glass back together. For pieces of artistic glass, like antique lamps or dinnerware, there are glass restoration specialists who can restore them to their former glory. They can re-temper the glass and meld the pieces back together so that it looks as good as new. While this is great news if your toddler just knocked over your great-grandmother's stained glass lamp, you should know that restoring artistic glass doesn't come cheap.

Can I install glass panels by myself?
It depends on your expertise. If you've just bought a frosted glass panel that you want to put on your shower door, but you've never installed glass before, then you need to be careful. Glass is incredibly fragile, and it can break very easily. It is highly recommended that large glass pieces be installed by a professional. Yes, it is more expensive that doing it yourself, but at least you be sure that the glass is installed properly.

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