What Glaziers does?

Frequently Asked Questions About Glaziers 
Glaziers select, cut and install not only residential and commercial glass but also artistic glass. They may also install and replace glass for storefronts and entrance ways, plus handrails, balustrades and shower enclosures. Following are some frequently asked questions about glaziers:
What Training do Glaziers Need to Have?
Glaziers are construction professionals who should have specific experience as glaziers occurring over several years. This usually involves four years of apprentice training on the job, along with some type of trade schooling. After being an apprentice, a glazier becomes a journeyman glazier and has the credentials to work on all industrial and commercial glazing jobs.

Why are Glazier Services So Popular?
With more and more commercial buildings using glass exteriors, the need for experienced glaziers has jumped in recent years and is expected to keep increasing. Their knowledge and expertise is sought after in this business because of the attention to detail and finesse it takes to not only install glass in windows, skylights and display cases but to seal the glass for optimum energy savings.

What Do Glaziers do on a Typical Day?
As a rule, glaziers inspect blueprints for size, color, type and thickness of the glass for a particular project, then they remove any old or broken glass. Before installing replacement glass, they cut the glass to specifications, then install sashes or moldings for installation. Glaziers also take care to fasten the glass into sashes or frames using a variety of supplies, such as clips and moldings. It’s also crucial that they add weather seals and putty around the edges of the window panes to seal the joints.

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