Glass Blocks

Popular Glass Block and Architectural Terms

When designing a new home, home owners will meet and discuss ideas with an architect and contractor. This is an opportunity to create the architectural design of the home. In addition to determining the size and layout, home owners have a chance to discuss the specific design of each room, including what types of windows and doors they want installed. From mirrors to glass sliding doors, home owners will have to make a decision on every detail. For example, an option may be to install fog resistant mirrors in a bathroom or put in special tiles to protect against splashing.

  • Frosted Glass - Frosted glass is translucent and scatters light during transmission. This is a way to admit light and obtain privacy. Frosted glass may be used in a glass sliding door.
  • Stain Glass Window - Stain glass windows are colored glass that are commonly used in religious settings. Artists may create architectural designs in these types of windows.
  • Tempered Glass - Tempered glass is glass that has gone through a chemical process in order to make it stronger and more durable.
  • Plexiglas - Plexiglas is often used as an alternative to traditional glass, because it is lighter and shatter-resistant.
  • Bay Window - A bay window is an arrangement of at least three window units that is projected from a building at different angles.
  • Backsplash Tile - Backsplash tile is installed in bathrooms and kitchens to protect a wall from water that is splashed from a faucet.
  • Double Glazing - Double glazing is the process of installing two sheets of glass that are separated by air space. This design protects against heat transfer and insulates sound.
  • Glass Block - Glass blocks are assembled together as another way to emit light, but enhance privacy in a room or area.

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