Frameless glazing features

The frameless glazing of the porch, in addition to aesthetic appeal, allows the owners to get a room that is convenient to use as a residence during the warm season, and in the winter in a glazed room, it will still be 10 degrees warmer than outside.

Frameless glazing features
Frameless glazing features
Glazing terraces, balconies, loggias in a new way will give you not only an unforgettable experience but also a new level of comfort.

The modern frameless glazing of the terrace, properly assembled from high-quality glass from a trusted manufacturer, is distinguished by its quality and reliability of construction. The system withstands strong wind and static loads. And despite the fact that for the fullness of impressions, customers often prefer large structures with large and high glass doors.

Thanks to special fittings and the use of extremely durable tempered glass with a thickness of 6 to 10 mm, such designs are absolutely safe and convenient to use.

What is one opening system: the sliding glazing of the terrace makes it easy to move the glass sheets, folding them into a “little book” and completely opening the room for light and air. The movement of the panels is provided by special rollers, which are mounted on the top and bottom of the canvas, and guides.

Washing this design can even be fun. Especially those who had the sad experience of washing windows on a standard balcony or loggia. In the case of frameless glazing, the procedure is simple: you can turn the glass in any direction that is convenient for you and is easy to clean.
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