frameless glazing of the loggia

That is, the frameless glazing of the loggia, which is even on the thirtieth floor of the building, guarantees you not only a breathtaking view of the surroundings
frameless glazing of the loggia
but also complete security. Unless on such balcony you cannot attach an anti-mosquito grid, and such glazing cannot brag of a serious level of thermal insulation.

Impeccable appearance, which is characterized by frameless glazing, attracts attention to it, whether it is a terrace, a balcony or a loggia. A building with such glazing is distinguished by its lightness of lines, even by some airiness. But in old houses it is quite possible not just to glaze the terrace, but to create a bright, airy interior, having made redevelopment. You can use sliding glass partitions, glass fencing balcony or loggia, in general - to dream.

Frameless glazing terrace

Houses with ancient architecture look extremely attractive if you correctly combine the past and the future with the help of such a universal material like glass. It fits perfectly into any building facade.
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