Functional and modern translucent facade

The functional and modern translucent facade

 modern translucent facade
The translucent facade is not only beautiful and modern, but

Functional and modern translucent facade
it is also functional:
the light easily penetrates into the room, as a result of which the need for artificial lighting occurs only at night;
if the translucent façade is tinted or put sun-protection coating on the glass - the room warms up less, which saves on air conditioning;
translucent facade designs are heat-resistant, do not require special care and frequent repairs.
Translucent facades are used in administrative, commercial, entertainment buildings, and in car dealerships, modern elite multi-story residential buildings and in private cottages. Relatively recently, the fashion appeared to use a translucent facade in the reconstruction of old buildings.
The main requirements that aluminum translucent facades must comply with are strength, design ability to cut off street noise, retain heat in the room, not let moisture out, saturate the room with light, but not excessively.

The materials used are glass, metal and polymers. The latter are required in order to reduce the thermal conductivity of the structure. Aluminum profiles are notable for their durability, convenient processing. Even when heated, aluminum does not emit toxic substances and does not contain impurities, which is important from an environmental point of view.
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