More about frameless glass safety

More about frameless glass safety
Hardened impact-resistant glass, even if damaged, will not injure by splinters: a special production technology ensures that it will fall into small rounded fragments. In closed form, the design is locked.

Pros and cons of frameless glazing
It must be said that there are no concrete indications "against" frameless glazing. The frameless glazing of the balcony, especially if the house is not very high, is one hundred percent justified.

You get a panoramic view from the window,
More about frameless glass safety
space looks modern and aesthetically pleasing. That is why developers are increasingly using frameless glass in the construction of luxury homes, including high-rise buildings.

As for the super-high-rise houses, modern methods of fastening are designed, at least, for a double margin of safety. They provide for fixing the glass in the profile with an adhesive that provides a chemical compound at the molecular level.

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