The installation of translucent facades

The installation of translucent facades is carried out in two ways: • by means of a clamping profile located between glass sheets. Such installation ensures the tightness of the structure and a high level of sound insulation;

• spider system - the distance between the glass sheets is filled with silicone. It is almost impossible to visually distinguish the seams between the canvases, so the impression of a solid glass wall is created. At the same time, translucent facade provides a sufficient level of thermal and sound insulation.

The installation of translucent facades
Ventilated facade for energy saving
Translucent structures and ventilated facades are especially popular with those who are thinking about the economical maintenance of buildings. The technology of the ventilated facade is that the building outside is dressed in a transparent box about half a meter from the wall. In this space, there is a constant circulation of air.

The functional and modern translucent facade
With properly calculated air flow in the winter time there is volumetric heating of the building, and in the summer - air conditioning.

Of course, such translucent facades whose price is quite high, still a novelty for our cities.

But everything goes to the fact that the zealous property owners sooner or later prefer high technology to the banal emission of "money to the wind," as it happens now when energy prices are rising by leaps and bounds. The translucent facade will serve its owner for at least 50 years, without requiring repair.
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