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Glass shower doors

  Small showers Even for the smallest apartments there is a worthy option of a shower cabin, equipped with everything necessary for taking a shower in comfortable conditions. To save the free space of a small bathroom, small open showers will help. The absence of a pallet and other "gadgets" of closed cabins makes this option acceptable not only for residents of small town houses. It is also suitable for people who find it difficult to use cabin models with a high pedestal. Corner showers Regardless of the size of the room in which it is planned to install the plumbing fixture and the dimensions of the cabin itself, the corner option is considered one of the most popular. By placing the shower in the corner, you can save the usable space of the room and provide unhindered access to the rest of the plumbing fixtures located in it. In addition to corner showers, residents of Odessa can buy semicircular, rectangular models, as well as choose options with different fittings and d

The competent design of a glass canopy

  The competent design of a glass canopy is of paramount importance: it depends on the strength and durability of the structure, as well as its harmonious appearance against the background of the facade of the building. The glass visor, its dimensions, the shape of the whole entrance group as a whole must be calculated in accordance with the level of static and dynamic load: it is simpler to say with the strength of the wind and the amount of precipitation that characterizes the region. The design and installation of the structure must be carried out by architects and designers; for installation, it is necessary to use high-quality, certified stainless fittings. Only if all conditions are met, the glass visor will become not only a beautiful, functional but also a reliable element of the entrance group. The Suspended Systems private enterprise has extensive experience in creating glass constructions: in the portfolio section, you will find our work on the construction of glass canopies

tempered glass

  Tempered glass is often used in applications where using standard glass could pose a potential danger. Tempered glass from new york is stronger than standard glass and does not shatter into large shards when broken, this is important because it can greatly minimize potential danger in the case of a break.

Design features of the interior and office glass partitions

Interior and office glass partitions

Many people strive to create an original and unique design of their home while referring to modern technologies and ideas for repair. One of the elements that can breathe a wave of life into a familiar environment can be a partition. You shouldn’t be scared right away that you will need a mountain of cement, sand, and bricks for this, everything will be much easier. Initially, we will look at the differences between the partition and the wall, as well as its varieties. A wall is a capital bearing structure made of brick or concrete, which cannot be demolished or made holes in it, which can contribute to the destruction of the whole house. Partitions are considered to be non-bearing and capital walls; they are conventionally divided into initial and secondary. The initial ones are being built at the construction stage of the house; they cannot be demolished without the permission of special project bodies or make large openings in them. The secondary is called the partitions that are built in the constructed house, respectively, they can be erected, destroyed or modified at any stage of repair. The prototype of the partition is the usual screen, which was often used by the great Empress Catherine II, who took her favorites for her. Her screen was distinguished by a special luxury, as it was supposed to be an exquisite owner: she was in a wooden frame covered with Chinese silk. After decades of development, modern partitions are mainly divided into transparent (made of glass) and deaf, respectively, made of their opaque material.

Interior and office glass partitions